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Deculverting, or 'daylighting', involves opening up buried watercourses and restoring them to more natural conditions. It is often claimed to provide multiple benefits to society, the environment and the economy. Read the peer-reviewed journal article assessing the experiences of deculverting from around the world.

However, the outcomes and objectives of deculverting projects are rarely published, which makes it difficult to evaluate their true effectiveness, determine the best methods to use, or provide quantitative evidence to encourage future projects.

To address this challenge, we have established this map-based website where practitioners and researchers working on deculverting projects are encouraged to enter case study information, as well as browse past case studies for inspiration or information and contact details. Download the case studies to Google Earth (rename the file to "daylighting.kml"), or join us on Facebook or Twitter for news, discussions and pictures.

We hope you share our belief that disseminating the results of deculverting projects will help deliver improved practices and policies to promote deculverting. Deculverting offers something for everyone to get involved in - researchers from diverse disciplines; practitioners in the environment, flood risk, urban planning, and more; NGOs and interested local communities.

This is an exciting challenge and opportunity, and a call for those interested in deculverting to leap into action!

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